5 Things To Know About Texas Shooter Devin Kelley

This morning, 26 year old Devin Kelley stormed into the First Baptist church in Sutherland Springs Texas, and began shooting. 26 people are believed to be among the deceased so far, but the final death tole remains to be seen as many others are still in critical condition.

1. He was showing off a rifle on Facebook

This screenshot was taken from Devin’s Facebook page shortly before it was taken down. The caption reads “She’s a bad bitch.”

Kelley’s Rifle


Devin Kelley’s Facebook account has been removed, but some were able to get screen shots before it was taken down. He is seen in photos with young children, possible family members.

2. He served in the U.S. Air Force

Kelley had served in the U.S Air Force between 2009 and 2013 according to CBS News. 

3. Devin Kelley was dishonorably discharged

He was dishonorably discharged following a 2014 court martial, but information pertaining to the reasons for his removal are as of yet unknown.

4. Possibly wearing full combat gear

Authorities say the gunman approached the church around 11:20 a.m.: “He was seen dressed in all black. He started firing at the church. He moved to the right side of the church and continued to fire, then he went in the church.”

Authorities suggest that he may have been wearing some kind of ballistic vest during the shooting.

5. The motive is not yet known, although some reports suggest Antifa involvement

His Facebook profile has revealed that he may have an interest in Atheism. No political motives have been identified as of yet. His Facebook profile suggested that he may have taught bible school a few years prior. Some reports are suggesting that Kelley may have been involved with Antifa, who had staged a largely failed protest on November 4th.