The Real Alt-Right

Johnny Ramone: Original Alt Right

What is the real alt-right?

I have been having a hard time with the term “alt-right” lately. I have spent the past few weeks thinking about its real meaning, and in that time I have discovered two things. 1) It’s meaning has shifted and 2) It’s definition should be reexamined.

The original alt-right

Before the rise of what the alt-right is branded as today, many of us young men on the political right saw it simply as an alternative subculture to mainstream conservationism. We shared many of the same core principles of fiscal and social conservationism, but with a few twists that made it our own. For instance – We didn’t have any interest in bashing gay culture. Sure we didn’t want Christians to be ostracized for not preforming gay weddings, but by and large we didn’t want government involved. Secondly, many of us supported the legalization of drugs. We understood that marijuana and cocaine weren’t the scourge on society that we were told growing up. A person could use drugs occasionally while still living a relatively normal life, and in many cases becoming a better person for it. We were interested in psychedelics and their benefits. We wanted to party, and we wanted to enjoy ourselves. We were realists.

Johnny Ramone: Original Alt-Right

We shared a sense of nationalism, and a love for western culture. We didn’t care where you came from, or what color your skin was, we only cared that you shared the belief that the west is the best, and that the smaller the government the better. It wasn’t about who you were, but about your values. If you were willing to leave everyone else alone and do your own thing, you were welcome in our club. We espoused a sort of small government libertarianism that was interested in combining traditionally conservative tenants like traditional gender roles, gun rights, freedom of speech, encouraging real masculinity, and western chauvinism with traditionally progressive subcultures like sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. We could have our cake and eat it too. Being conscientious didn’t have to mean being boring. This was the alternative right.

Trump Victory Party
Trump’s Victory

The new alt-right

Then along came the alt-right of today. The Richard Spencer types. Those interested in pursuing a white ethno-state. Those who don’t see a future in America for minorities.

They somehow changed the meaning of alternative alt-right to mean a white supremacist ideology, with other conservative principles taking the back seat. They hijacked our conservative sub culture, and replaced our definition.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not picking a fight with Richard Spencer. He does have a lot of coherent points, and I’m not trying to say we shouldn’t consider what he has to say. I personally don’t agree that non whites don’t have a future in America, but also don’t believe he should be silenced (no one should be). I am interested in having an honest conversation about race, and have been following the work of men like Jared Taylor for quite some time. That is a discussion we too are interested in having. What I believe is relevant in this context is that his white nationalist movement has derailed theĀ definitionĀ of alternative right, and that is unfortunate. It has gone from meaning the “punk rock western-chauvinist conservative” to the “white nationalist”.

Richard Spencer: Not Alt Right

The real alternative right as I see it, is a sub culture of right wing conservatives who don’t tow the line of any particular party. We are the people who elected Trump, not because he is a republican, but because he is a western chauvinist who isn’t going to apologize for it. He is interested in preserving the west, glorifying entrepreneurship, shrinking the size of government, and enforcing our borders. He is a realist, not an ideologue.

What is the real alt right? We are conservatives who want to party.