How The Election Of Donald Trump Motivated Me

Donald Trump

I watched one of my personal heroes become president

I spent the night of November 8th glued to my computer screen watching the historical presidential election unfold before my eyes. Through the sea of twitter updates and switching between the news networks coverage of the event, I realized before long that I was about to witness what I had predicted since Trump announced he was running a year earlier.

Contrary to what everyone told me. Contrary to what every media outlet had paraded for months with their smug attitude. Contrary to what my friends and family ridiculed me for. I was witnessing the so-called ‘impossible’ happen right in front of me.

I was watching one of my childhood heroes become president.

I have always been a fan of Trump. Long before his campaign, and long before the apprentice.

I had a fascination with his personality, and his grandiose ideas of success. I had collected his books, watched all his interviews, and learned to think big in my life because of his advice.

I learned from Teflon Don long ago that if you wanted to achieve something big, you had to love it. You had to put every ounce of your mind and soul into it, and fight until you win. Never ever give up. This is exactly what I saw him do – in real time. I watched my 70 year old hero take on the fight of his life to emerge the victor.

Watching him win the presidential election confirmed for me two things.

  1. He truly loved America.
  2. If he could prove everyone wrong, so could I.

Since I knew that Donald would only pursue something he loved, and something that he felt great personal interest in, I knew his love for America was genuine. Here is a man who was willing to make a great personal sacrifice of his brand, money, and his health to fight for the interest of the American people.

He rose above incredible odds to emerge the victor.

If he could do it there, I could do it in my own life.

That evening of November 8th, I saw hard work pay off. I saw the payoff of persistence, of boldness, and of taking risks.

I saw that my rock solid belief in his victory from the beginning of his campaign wasn’t unfounded.

I realized that I actually could be right while everyone else was wrong.

The election of Donald Trump taught me a lot about myself, and what it takes to succeed in life. His election has motivated me to put the same kind of gusto into pursuing my personal goals as he did in becoming the president elect.

Be like Donald Trump

Throw yourself into your goals. Throw caution into the wind, and give it everything you have. Success is possible, and YOU can achieve it.

Remember all of the haters during his campaign, all of the collaboration of the media to destroy him, and the awful accusations that were made against him.

He rose above it to ultimate victory, and so can you.

Be the author of your own story, and in the words of Donald Trump “Never ever ever give up”.