Vegas Shooter Traveled To Middle East

Ports included UAE

Paddock's girlfriend in dubai

He Frequented Cruises

Investigators have learned that in addition to gallivanting around casinos, Las Vegas strip killer Stephen Paddock also frequented cruises, and has taken as many as 20 of them in recent years. Many of these cruises visited foreign ports – many of them in Europe and the Middle East.

The Cruises included stops at ports in Spain, Italy, Greece, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates, according to information provided by law enforcement.

The source asked not to be identified as they were not authorized to share information pertaining to the investigation.

Investigators are trying to establish a timeline of Paddocks actions in order to help them piece together a profile of the mass killer who left 58 people dead and nearly 500 injured.

Paddock’s car, a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Touring, was found in the hotel parking garage and contained 90 pounds of Tannerite and two suitcases filled with hundreds of rounds of ammunition, according to information provided by the source.

It is suspected that the Tannerite was intended to use in target practice or to make the car explode if fired upon.

So far, investigators have found no evidence supporting a claim by ISIS that Paddock had converted to Islam and carried out the attack on the terror group’s behalf, according to the information provided by the source. Paddock’s girlfriend, Danley, has been unable to provide a motive for the mass killing, according to the information.

Investigators have also determined that Paddock booked three rooms at the Ogden, a luxury condominium tower in Las Vegas, between September 17 and September 28. The condos were on high floors and facing north overlooking the Life Is Beautiful music festival, according to the information provided by the source. He attempted to book a room at the El Cortez, but there were no vacancies, according to the information.
The source said investigators recovered a notepad with numbers in it “significant to the gunman” and were attempting to determine their meaning.
The presence of the numbers was first reported by The New York Times, based on an interview with Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.