Disgusting Woman Jailed 10 Years For False Rape Accusations

'Attention-seeking liar' falsely accused 15 men of rape and sexual assault

Jemma Beale

‘Attention-seeking liar’, 25, jailed for 10 years after falsely accusing 15 men of rape and sexual assault.

Fat, hideous, and pathological liar Jemma Beale of the UK has been jailed 10 years after a judge found her guilty of falsely accusing men of rape and sexual assault. Her false accusations lead one falsely accused man to spend 2 years in prison, and another to flee the country with his life in tatters.

Jemma Beale

The 25 year old woman would injure herself using self inflicted cuts and bruises to use as ‘evidence’ against her 15 victims she falsely accused of sex attacks.

Finally after her largely successful campaign of false accusations, a jury of 6 men and 5 women found her guilty or perjury and perverting the course of justice in July.

Sentencing her today, Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith said: ‘This trial has revealed, what was then not obvious, that you are a very, very convincing liar and you enjoy being seen as a victim.

‘The prosecution described your life as a “construct of bogus victimhood”.’

Prosecutor Madeleine Moore told the court police spent 6,400 hours investigating Beale’s claims at a cost of at least £250,000, and the trial cost at least £109,000.

One of her victims was 37 year old Somalian Mahad Cassim who came to the UK in 2002, aged 23, after a short stint living in Sweden where he also served in the military as part of the peace-keeping corps.

Mr Cassim has offered Beale a ride home one night which she accepted. But he stopped the car and Beale directed him to a discreet alleyway.

‘We drove for about ten minutes and while we were in the car we were talking and then she came and gave me a rub on my knuckles, my hand,’ Mr Cassim said.

‘She was asking me kind of questions, whilst rubbing my knuckles, asking, obviously about sex.’

He added: ‘I said “Are you sure?” and she said yes – I asked three times “Are you sure?” – and said OK.

Mr Cassim said they got out of the car.

‘Then all of a sudden, after about three yards she told me to pull off my underwear.’

Mr Cassim was tried for rape at Isleworth Crown Court in December 2011.

A retrial then took place in January 2012 in front of a fresh jury and he was jailed for seven years.

In a victim impact statement Beale described the ‘devastating’ effect the ‘rape’ had on her.

‘I feel that any sentence he receives will never reflect the life sentence that he gave me,’ she said.

Beale had fabricated similar allegations against 6 other men in 2013, causing one of them to skip bail and flee the country after being charged with sexual assault.

She also claimed to have been raped in a car by a gang of men outside a pub, but it was later found that the gang of men never existed, and that Beale had used several objects to create wounds on her body she used to support her story.

What Jemma Beale has managed to accomplish is to down-play real cases of rape which do unfortunately exist, but are rare. What are young men to do when it seems that anything they do can somehow be construed as a sexual violation? Women have all the power within the law, and they aren’t afraid to use it – especially when there is no merit.

Look at how easily the police believed her initial stories. The burden of proof doesn’t lie with the female accuser, but lies with the man to defend himself. Essentially, as soon as an accusation of rape or assault is made against a man, regardless of how fabricated, he is treated as though there is no doubt of its validity. The onus is on the man to prove that he didn’t play the part.

Modern feminism has invented rape culture, and propagated the myth that rape surrounds us on a daily bases. Modern feminism demonizes innocent men, and alienates the real (but rare) cases of rape.

It has become guilty until proven innocent, and even if a man is proven innocent, the nature of the accusation itself lingers and causes damage well into the future.