5 Ways Millennial Men Can Save The West

5 Ways Millennial Men Can Save The West

Every generation has some defining characteristics within which they see the world, and the role they played (or will play) in the theater of ideas that writes our history. First we have the greatest generation […]


The Real Alt-Right

What is the real alt-right? I have been having a hard time with the term “alt-right” lately. I have spent the past few weeks thinking about its real meaning, and in that time I have […]

Donald Trump

How The Election Of Donald Trump Motivated Me

I watched one of my personal heroes become president I spent the night of November 8th glued to my computer screen watching the historical presidential election unfold before my eyes. Through the sea of twitter […]

Paddock's girlfriend in dubai

Vegas Shooter Traveled To Middle East

He Frequented Cruises Investigators have learned that in addition to gallivanting around casinos, Las Vegas strip killer Stephen Paddock also frequented cruises, and has taken as many as 20 of them in recent years. Many […]

California Sanctuary State

California Becomes First ‘Sanctuary State’ For Illegals

California Welcomes Illegals California governor Jerry Brown has signed into law Senate Bill 54 effectively making California the first ‘sanctuary state’ for illegal immigrants. The legislation, a decision criticized by the Trump administration, comes into […]

To Think That I Saw It On Mulbury Street

Liberals Boycott Dr. Seuss Amidst Accusations of Racism

Liberals Boycott Dr. Seuss Amidst Accusations of Racism The left’s incessant accusations of racism are now entering their newest frontier: children’s books. A Museum dedicated to popular children’s author Dr. Seuss is removing a mural […]

Stephen Paddock's Hotel Room

Did Las Vegas Shooter Have Bigger Aspirations?

According to reports from The Sun,  Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock could have had bigger aspirations than the shooting massacre of the Harvest 91 Music Festival this past weekend. According to reports Paddock had made reservations with […]

Welcome to Right Wing Magazine

Welcome To Right Wing Magazine

Welcome to my website. I’m glad you’re here. This website will be a collection of my own editorials and opinion columns and will also feature guest posts from other contributors. The world is completely upside […]